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Kamio Misuzu WIP 1 by chatterHEAD
Kamio Misuzu WIP 1
I have loved Misuzu since the anime first came out! I fell in love!
I didnt know much on how to watch anime so I only got to episode 2!
I was still in elementary school! My neighbor friend knew about it
she showed me and I thought it was a beautiful anime! Its called Air
I recently just finished the anime, got me in tears a couple times!

I drew a pixel doll of her in 6th grade! Air was first a an adult visual novel but I didnt know that when I first saw air in 2005

id say watch it but it is sooo depressing!

AND!!!! I didnt realize that I subliminaly modeled my OC Lucifer after the winged girl in the anime!
and I didnt get to see her full look until 2014 this week! I went off memory after 9 years!!!
Wig Game 100% by chatterHEAD
Wig Game 100%
"Its only 40 inches"

Asamis was due for a different wig! I never post W.I.P's of her wigs but I was so proud of this black 1b to a straight 613 blonde :D
a wig like this with human hair with atleast 3 or 4 bundles of human hair would proly be like at least 600$!
asami's wig game has to be stronger than the the hoes on love & HipHop,Tamar braxton, nicki minaj,lil kim and beyonce put together!!!!!!!
MMDPrincess by chatterHEAD
I couldnt respond on your page cause I was blocked but someone sent this to me

I think that is so sweet and kind of you to apologize!
I forgive you :D 
Asami Miku Statue Download by chatterHEAD
Asami Miku Statue Download
Get to see Asami's body up close and personal!

I edited her heels all crooked so no one could use them!

was gonna give them texture but im not that stupid!


Sidney Blanco
Artist | Digital Art
United States
J'dore Dior

真奈美明 is my oc

Does anyone know where I can get the barbie dreamhouse party game online?
I wanna try to rip the models out :(
If you can rip models from the game out for me,Ill make you a free 3d model and give you My 2013 miku model!!! : Only if you can rip them :
Im so desperate! and I dont wanna do the most and rip them myself!

can anyone help me out!?

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PrinceFranzozuki-kun Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Filmographer
Monochrome-Aki Featured By Owner 4 days ago
hey i remembered you liked the last little comic thing i did with one of your models so heres another i made… its very funny i hope you like it nya!
brenokisch Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Artist
CH , you can make a tutorial video making a head and body model in metaseq ? I never have the patience to finish the model, because it always gets crap
chatterHEAD Featured By Owner 5 days ago   Digital Artist
I would but i don't have patience to dl screen recorders and edit a video and make a youtube account and make a model from scratch! ^^; maybe in the future!
brenokisch Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Artist
I want to learn how to make several big butts and heels for enemy HAHA , I'll be waiting :D
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